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Oil & Fuel Absorbent Booms
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Contain and minimise the area effected by land based spills of all know hydrocarbons with Sukerup Oil & Fuel Absorbent Booms. Absorbs all known hydrocarbons Absorbs up to 20 times its weight Meets EPA requirements Colour coded white for easy recognitionIncluded in all Oil & Fuel Spill...
Group: Booms sorbing
Floating Oil/Fuel Absorbent Boom
In stock 
Repels water and only absorbs oils, fuels and other hydrocarbonsConnect booms together with snaphooks and D-ringsDouble outer for extra durabilityIdeal for rivers, creeks, canals or any marine environment Available in packs of four(4) only SIZE: 200mm x 3m (Code FB201/4)125mm x 3m (Code...
Group: Sleeves pneumatic for sea
Dangerous Goods Spill Kit
In stock 
Rapid response is critical when dealing with DG spills. With drum repair putty, PPE, Hazchem Absorbents and contaminated waste bags all packed in a blue 240L mobile bin, the Dangerous Goods Spill Kit has all you need for effective spill response to most incidents. Suitable for spills of up to...
Group: Materials for chemical spills liquidation
Sign 'Drainseal'
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When responding to spills, reaction time is critical. Any delay in locating and deploying spill response equipment often makes matters worse. The Drainseal Sign is metal and measures 450x600mm.
Group: Dangerous signs
Mobile Dispensing Station
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Why use 60L drums when an individual can safely move and dispense from cost effective 205L drums using this Mobile Dispensing Station. Genuine single person loading allows the 205L drum to moved from vertical to horizontal for easy and safe handling. The rotating lockable front castor allows...
Group: Storage trolleys
Fire Extinguisher
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Fire extinguishers are a vital part of any flammable goods storage area. Suitable for: Class A - Paper, textiles, wood, most plastics and rubber Class B - Flammable liquids Class E - Electrically energised equipment
Group: Fire extinguishers
Oil & Fuel Absorbent Pads
In stock 
Spill Station Double-Weight Oil/Fuel Absorbent Pads are made from polypropylene microfibres. They have excellent chemical resistance and outstanding absorbent capabilities. Each pad is able to absorb up to 1.8 litres. This absorbent also has the added benefit of repelling water making...
Group: Napkins sorbing
Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinet
In stock 
This 30L Flammable Goods Storage Cabinet fits under the bench and is ideal for compliant storage of small amounts of flammable liquids. All cabinets comply with AS1940-2004 as follows:Each cabinet is marked with the name and address of the manufacturerEach cabinet is marked with the maximum...
Group: Safety engineering tools


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